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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. now at noon freezing temperatures, but there could be a slight change in store, we are tracking how long it will last and the problems it is causing for bay area homeowners. the area where a human skull was found is now being referred to as a crime scene. president barack obama is traveling on air force one, who else is traveling with them.
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this is ktvu channel 2 news. good afternoon, i am torii campbell. another bone-chilling start to the day. rosemary orozco is here with how cold it got this morning, rosemary? one area is breaking a record and we will look at that area first, san jose is breaking a record by 1 degree, san jose fell to 25 but that was not the coldest area, look at petaluma 19 degrees, walnut creek it 6 and a -- 26 and a lot of reports stations in san francisco, i saw a lot of low 30s and below freezing areas over san francisco, santa rosa
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checked in 30 degrees and the national weather service has checked in for all areas freezing except for san francisco. another morning of chilly chilly temperatures and we are starting to rebound, 40s in and around novato, santa rosa, 44 in walnut creek and i want to head to the north because this is where we saw our coldest. petaluma you are now 42 and i want to look at hillsberg as well. hillsberg is 47 degrees and hillsberg dropped to 18 degrees this morning. i do see some light at the end of the tunnel. they are a few degrees lighter than 24 hours ago. i will have more on those numbers coming up, torii? >> thank you rose rose. >> they are trying to find if a man played part of -- if the weather played part in this
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man's death. he was found wearing only a t- shirt shorts and shoes. the weather caused traffic troubles as they were reports of black ice, they warned drivers of the conditions. chp said initial reports located motorcyclists. and black ice is the thin coating of glazed ice on the roadway. while not truly black, it is transparent while not allowing it to show through. if you hit a patch of ice, do not slam on the breaks. as the cold snap continues, many people are finding out, their heaters are not working. they are getting swamped for calls with no heat. they are live just to show us how busy some are.
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>> quite simply crews have been extremely busy and many had time to sit down and talk to us because the phones were ringing nonstop. this furnace is being installed at the house in san bruno and according to this owner, it has been like this for about a month now. it has been like that for about a month. we stopped by and barely had time to do a quick interview. they have a staff of 15 employees and many are working 40 to 65 hours a week. many are starting from early mornings to late at night and many get up to 140 calls per day and this is one of the busiest december since 2005 and what they are saying is many
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homeowners need to get their heaters checked and they need to make sure their heaters are ready for the upcoming winter. >> had they checked it in the summer, all of it would be a lower price but now it is a higher demand. >> they have been inundated with calls and they say they have at least 50 calls per day they say they got a lot of simple calls on easy fixes just like that and if a lot of people had gotten their heaters checked in the summer they probably would have saved up to $1,000. >> thank you brian. there is a way to protect pets and plants from freezing temperatures. they say they have run out of
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frost cloths. it means the pro longed cold spell means plants are even more at risk. >> it means those plants that usually would survive a frost, those might die from a frost. when you have pro longed cold for that many days, it does not have a chance to recover. >> the freezing temperatures could also pose risks to pets and experts suggest keeping cats and dogs inside and only go for short walks. next, on our website you can find hour by hour forecasts and just look for the weather link at the top of our home page. new at noon, investigators are back at a site in sonoma county where a human scroll was found. sheriff's deputies takes place and joins us from where the remains were found.
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good afternoon, alex. >> it could prove quite difficult to figure out who this person was and how they died. the skull and bones were found just off a hiking trail just outside of windsor and you can see it is still blocked off by crime scene tape this afternoon. a sheriff said there was no foul play but there is certainly -- but they are certainly suspicious. >> reporter: hikers yesterday found a set of human remains along with a shoe. they were discovered in a dry creek bed. >> a search and rescue will help with the grid and check the area thoroughly for other remains evidence and clothing and any other evidence of foul play. >> reporter: the sergeant said there is no way to tell the person's age, or gender or how they died. but the violent crime's unit is looking at missing person's
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from this area. crime scene technicians will spend today excavating the skull and bones and the coroner will then try to identify the person using either dental records or dna. >> it was one of those gut feelings, i knew exactly what it was. >> reporter: chris cain made the discovery yesterday afternoon. he was walking just off of a hiking trail with his two kids when they spotted the skull. now this park is blocked off as they investigate evidence. regular hikers say it's all a bit unnerving. >> you just have to wait and see, let them do their job. it is sad. >> a sergeant said those remains could have been out there several months or several years. it is hard to tell. this will remain an active crime scene for most. day but in the long run, figuring out exactly what happened will be a long
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complicated process. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a major shake up in the sheriff's department as the fbi arrested a number of deputies. it is part of an investigation into inmate abuse. they will release more details of the case this afternoon. the fbi has been investigating allegations of excessive force and they have been looking into it for years. a man who shot and killed a 13-year-old boy is expected to return to duty. he will remain on desk assignment until the district attorney determines if any criminal charges will be filed. he has been off the job since october 22nd. he was holding a replica and he believed the gun was real. the man charged in the killing of another young man
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selling a play station pled not guilty this morning. ronnie collins is accused of killing and shooting 22-year- old walker. last week in the bay view district, his friend had agreed to meet. during the transaction collins opened fire killing the man. we are looking for cooperation to make sure justice is served. >> they are looking for the victim's girlfriend to produce receipts trying to prove that the play station was obtained illegally. president barack obama is on his way to attend memorial services for nelson mandella. this is the first lady getting
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on air force one and former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton are also traveling with the observe's on -- obamas on air force one. many others are traveling as well but separately. george w. bush will not be attending because he is too old to travel long distances. vice-president biden and his wife jill went to the south africa embassy and there they signed the book in mourning over the death of nelson mandella. abide by called nelson mandella the most remarkable man he had ever met. >> people gathered to pay respects and tomorrow a public
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member nor you' all -- memorial service will be held seating 9 5,000 people. they will also on sunday nelson mandella will be buried in a remote village where he grew up. and during the morning commute, we will tell you what led up to this standoff between demonstrators and a google bus. and a man cut off his own arm in order to free himself with a bolder is now in trouble with the law.
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. today's hearing is to determine the cause of the deadly crash at san francisco international airport is set to begin this week. the ntsb is getting ready to interview witnesses and to find out why a fire truck ran over a young girl who was alive. they said they never took airport disaster training courses. we will have live reports on the hearing tomorrow and wednesday and you can follow him on twitter for realtime updates.
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new concerns now over the rods supporting the eastern span of the bay bridge, according to the information, the rods appear vulnerable but drivers should not be afraid of it and coming down immediately as the current issues only pose long-term risks. they are now conducting hearings on the management construction lapses involving the span. spark flew as demonstrators blocked the bus that picks up google workers. >> i need you guys to move right now. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the bus is assist bell of the -- a simple of the housing crisis as wealthy tech workers move in. the demonstrators say there is a clear rise of conviction a
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long that route. >> it is our responsibility to preserve housing. >> demonstrators were there for 45 minutes but let the bus go after police arrived. hundreds took shelter because of the cold weather and janine de la vega tells us how full those shelters were and how they are trying to draw more in during this cold snap. >>reporter: they halled bags filled with belongings after spending the night indoors at a temporary shelter. a record low came through in san jose. >> i said you know what, i was told the shelter was open so i decided to come down here. >> the shelter was over capacity and that was after
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additional beds were added. they worked with agencies to help out after four men died of hypothermia. >> there was 30 people here last night that had never been here before. this place is really getting some great use so that is great. >> many went to encampments but getting everyone to seek shelter is a challenge and others are mentally ill. >> the best we could do is keep talking to them because it will give them impact down the road. >> they know the shelters are a temporary fix until more affordable housing is available they need to talk about doing
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outreach to an encampment to draw more people to the shelters, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a storm that blasted the mid-section moved from the east coast and created a slushy commute and this was the scene at the dallas 400 flight. they are proud in entertainment and they are still causing delays and they are also looking into cancellations all and down the mid-atlantic area. once again we are giving you a live look over the east
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bay hills and you may notice a little bit of a haze around your neighborhood with the cold very stagnant air in your place so that means it is illegal to burn wood in the fireplace and burn shows pellet, tonight do it in parts and labor and it means if you suffer from perhaps at what and respiratory, because although we have rebounded for 24 areas and 45 in walnut creek, getting
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to north and this time we will go east and 46 and stem checking in and so the cold, cold weather will continue with the overnight lows seeking once again as i promised another freeze warning for the entire bay area. we have a rent of high pressure this morning and at this at this time, we will get into the overnight lows and the full forecast 51 for berkeley and 53
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for if he 4 degrees and perhaps that is one of the warmest tell it is we have seen and it takes us all toes second time and notice we are dry, no rain in the forecast. >> into way, thank you rosemary orozco. the hiker who cut off his own four on has cut his arm. he had to perform self amputation to save his life. his story was made into the movie, 127 hours. he was booked on charges of assault and wrongs to minors. the couple has an 8 month old
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deadline and lawmakers could not agree on a u.s. budget forcing a partial government shut down. and u.s. airways completed the world's largest area line, nasdaq is up 3 and s&p 500 3. reperiod managers were elected to the fall of fame. he won once with the oakland a's and then in 1 198 of 6 with st. louis -- 1986 with st. louis. he just learned he and his group was nominated in the
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category, the 56th annual presentation. continuing coverage on a cold in that which we are tracking record usage. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news, you can follow us on twitter and facebook, have a great day.
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